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Saturday, July 21, 2012

As far as 'regular' kids thrown into fairytales, The Sisters Grimm was better.

Thankfully, I was actually relatively unbiased as I was reading Chris Colfer's novel.
The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell was still good though - the plot was (you know, for fantasy) realistic and the characters were believable for their age.
Also, there were lots and lots of little things like references to pop culture (the English teacher making fun of Nickelodeon, as far as I could tell) and innuendos (oh my god there were so many good ones) so it would seem that dear Mr. Colfer was not only playing to the 8-12 age range (like the book is directed at, lol) but also teens and adults. I mean, it's Chris Colfer. I don't read at an 8th grade level, more like high school (and occasionally often above) levels, but I still pre-ordered it from Amazon, just because it's Chris Colfer
And my hopes weren't actually set THAT high, either. I had battled myself down to expecting a relatively poorly written book, and that wasn't the case. The only two times I really winced were when he described characters (in third-person narration!) as 'pretty' or 'very pretty', but otherwise, the prose WAS better than I expected. It was obvious that he's an amateur writer, but it was still good.
Oh, and the way the fairytale characters are portrayed. Ohmygod.
OHmygod. Chris has created this extraordinarily complex, original, and beautifully heartbreaking backstory for Snow White's evil stepmother (who is, of course, the primary villain in the end) and what's worse is that it totally makes sense. It absolutely could be true of the original fairytale and then also Jack and Goldilocks and whoops spoiler but I don't think anyone I know cares.
So yeah. I finished it in like, two or three hours. there was a split in there (arts fest show! adorbs!) but still.
It's a fast read, a little bit of mind candy, and it's surprisingly good.


  1. Hey Emily. I was wondering if I could borrow your copy of it when school starts. :)

  2. Of course :) I'll try to bring it Wed., but I might forget (I do that a lot) so I'll try and bring it before the end of the week.