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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I hate my life at this moment.

So I'm in the group of dancers in Honk!, which means that we get the prettier more dangerous difficult choreography. 
Today, as we were going into the blizzard (WHICH I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW ALL OF YET) I was up on my toes and did a kick and when I came back down I couldn't walk on my right ankle.
So I sat out for the rest of rehearsal (haha lying there I was still moving which was probably a bad idea but hey, I have those all the time) and was icing it and I couldn't go to my TWO dance classes tonight and one of them was already a make-up class because I missed last week and ughhhh.
I hate having to miss dance because it makes me happy, which not a lot of things have been managing to do lately.
Screwwww it. Just as long as I'm better by next thursday, it's all good.

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