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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Informal One

Dress Rehearsal 1: IS OVER.
And ughhhh that show is so much work. But I remembered FACES and SMILE and SING OUT and I think it went pretty well. No one, like, died.
Tomorrow is dress rehearsal 2, which means full makeup. And we're still changing things, so I have to be there an hour early which means getting up at about eight to shower, do hair, do makeup, get my bag ready, and probably bike to the high school.
Why do we put ourselves through it? Every summer it's exactly the same.
Not to mention I need a new concealer and liner.
And hopefully I'll be able to get another eyeshadow :)
COME SEE OUR SHOWS!!! It's this Thursday through Saturday at 7 pm at OHS and 1 pm on Saturday. Tickets are (I believe) $12 :)

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