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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home (at long, long last)

...I love the mountains, I love the Puget Sound, I love Seattle, I love the liberals, I (really) love cloudy days, and all the pointy trees, boom deyada boom deyada boom deyada boom deyada...
I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. Thank god
I don't believe I ever mentioned how awful the Southwestern/Mexican food is in the Midwest.
Ohmygosh. It's awful.
Taco Del Mar was delicious compared to that. Ugh.
Also, because I've basically had Italian food or fish every night for the past ten days, I really, really want, like, Indian food or Tempura or something. I need flavor.
Flavor, but...Healthy. All healthy.
I started designing an exercise regime for myself while I was in Michigan, because I felt bad that I was missing my dance class. Crunches and stair steps (augh. frickin painful) and planking and push ups (I can now do about thirteen in a row if I'm really trying. which is like, a personal best. don't judge).
Tomorrow morning, I'm planning to get up, go for a run, and have eggs for breakfast because ohgod they sound so good. Then we get to go pick up the puppy (well, I say puppy; she's two as of August 8th, but she's tiny so whatever) from camp.
There was a very small dog (no seriously. it was tiny.) on the flight from Phoenix to Seatac, and I let it sniff me on my way past it getting off of the plane, and it dove at my hand. vicious little beast. (you guys I could comfortably hold this thing in one hand. it wanted to rip my throat out.)
So... My trip is over.
Two weeks until school starts.
Whatever shall I do?

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