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Monday, August 13, 2012

I am nothing.

I love my house.
I really, really do. I moved a little over a year ago, and I'm really happy where I live.
I went to a concert tonight, and on the way back, I was just staring out the window.
I can see the stars here.
I went straight out to the dock when I got home; lay down on my back. I saw the first shooting star maybe thirty seconds later.
The sky looked like a dome above me, like I could shoot an arrow at it and crack it. Like beyond the black, there were tiny little holes in the sky where the light could shine through.
It looked like there were rips in the atmosphere when the shooting stars left trails.
I felt tiny and insignificant. We've landed on Mars, you guys.
Mars, a million miles away.
I could be seeing things that don't exist when I'm on the dock.

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  1. Ok, so at my overnight camp we usually go to bed at about 10:00, and they woke us up at 11:00 one night to watch the perseus meteor shower. it was amazing, and i kinda wanna be an astronaut, just so I can experience that stuff firsthand... it was magical