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Friday, August 10, 2012

My dear readers,

Welcome to MICHIGAN (where you will be for a week, through me)!!!
ugh we got here so late. BUt I got to see my awesome cousin Becky, who just started swim practice (hey Sami you would like her she's a swimmer. like, on her high school [varsity?] swim team) and is apparently obsessed with 1D. (oh, the joy.)
And we got to see my Uncle Rick and his wife Meredith (who is a little crazy, but she's nice) AAAAND Becky's parents, Nancy and Greg (who I adore. they are so cool.) and, of course my Grandma and Opa. And I'm going fishing with him this summer; he asked right away if he should get nightcrawlers :D
I've already had my feet in the lake.
I missed home.

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