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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Skunks, Fog, and Cinnamon Twists (I wrote this reeaaaally early this morning, but I haven't had internetses til now)

TRAVEL DAY! (Celebration time!)
As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the car (writing in a word processor because lack of wifi) and it’s 8am Eastern time.
I was up at 6am eastern time, AKA 3am Western time. Yeah, feel sorry for me XP
There’s patchy fog, but where there is fog, it’s really heavy. K is making jokes along the lines of, ‘The dementors are breeding.’ It feels like New England (or Aberdeen. Not telling you if I mean WA or Scotland.)
Also skunks. I can’t eat right away in the morning, so we got about half an hour out from the house and I got out the bag with the cinnamon rolls in it and
The smell
Oh god
The smell.
Dead skunk, people. If you have never smelled skunk, then you are so. Freaking. Lucky. I get it every year when I come to Michigan because there are so many skunks. Usually I only get it once though, so… UGH IT WAS AWFUL. Really made me want to eat.
But then I did and the cinnamon rolls that basically my entire family had for breakfast are from this little restaurant in Leland called the Bluebird. Favorite restaurant in the world. They have the best whitefish and perch and it is so good. The cinnamon rolls there come with the breadbasket before the meal, and they’re just like really soft wheat-cinnamon dough and then cinnamon sugar on top. We were there (as we are once a year, unfortunately… but whitefish is only found in Lake Michigan, so there you go. :P) last night and my sister decided that we should have some for breakfast so my grandma talked to Sandy, the hostess (who’s been there since she was fifteen, according to my Opa) and we got nine so I had two for breakfast J
So… we’re driving back down to Midway, which is about a 6.5 hour drive (wheeeee six hours in the car with K wheeeee)  and then we get on a plane and go to Phoenix (no layover. Staying on the plane. Thank god.) and straight on ‘til Seattle. Then, you know, the like two hour long drive home.
Buuut the point is that we will be home.
With Grandma and the cats and my bathroom. Oh, how I have missed my bathroom. Ooh, and my bed. Because, you know, it has a mattress pad on it (ugh I can’t figure that out) and it doesn’t have pot under it (I reaaaally don’t know). And it’s pillow top and super comfy and not evil on my back like the one next to the wall in the small bedroom is. I mean, I love it. But it’s evil.
Going home never felt so good. J

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