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Thursday, August 9, 2012


First leg of the trip: COMPLETE.
Lots of hours on a plane. I dislike TSA and backpacks, just for the record, but I actually didn't mind the plane.
It's like, I've done it so many times on this exact same trip, that now I just go 'okay, I just have to get through Security and get on the plane and we're good.'
I could fly alone, if circumstances required. Actually, I could fly alone if I wanted to and my parents let me. Which I think they would.
So, lots of hours on a plane (next to a guy who was reading Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler and listening to Led Zeppelin. Twenty-something. Wearing a West Coast Paintball tournament shirt. It was quite interesting. Also, don't call me a creeper. I like peoplewatching and observing things. ...and he was attractive. quit judging me) and then we got the rental car. It's... small. The guy we talked to complimented my mom on her manners (she called him sir, he was like, 'you were raised right') and then they got into a conversation about the military and WWII, which he was in. Which meant he was in his eighties. At least. :/
Flight, Car, and then dinner. (ha, I say dinner. it was like 10pm here, but whatever) We went to a pizza place and I tried deep-dish pizza. I have to say, not my favorite. Edible, but... I prefer Vics and Oldschool. :D Also, at dinner, I discovered that not only is BMX racing an Olympic sport, but there's men's and women's.
I want to be an Olympic level BMX Racer. Seriously, sign me up. That's so cool. Dangerous looking, but awesome.
We drove for an hour (we flew into Midway, which is in Chicago, which, as I hope you know, is in Illinois. Valparaiso is in Indiana) and now I'm sitting in my hotel at like, 1am local time.
But tomorrow we drive up to Michigan and I'll get to see my Grandma and Opa and the lake and my (well, except for the political aspect... yay! Mitt Romney!) home. Because if home is where the heart is, then I think my home is the small bedroom at the Aardvark House.
Don't ask.

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