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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sooooo. The Warblers (and Sebastian) have been confirmed for season four!
And yes, I really do feel the need to post about this because I totally started crying when I found out. I love them.
...And it's not just because they're attractive. (though most of them are. I'm sad that Brock Baker and Aaron Page are gone though :( ) They're also really interesting. I mean, we know why Blaine and Kurt were at Dalton, but why are they there? That's why I love Dalton so much. Wes is the Mafia! Dwight's uncle went to Dalton!
But that's irrelevant right now.
My point is that I want to know more about them. We kind of got that with Sebastian, which was actually strange (they brought in someone brand new!) because he got a big backstory (and I'm hoping to also see more of Karofsky this season, which... just... I want Karythe to be a thing! I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY DANGIT).
And, you know, Grant Gustin is super pretty and
that doesn't matter
at all
not to me
But like, in season two, we met Jeff and Nick, and they each had (apparently shortened :P) lines and the a lot of the fandom fell in love with them.
And started shipping them like crazy. They have a weebly site.
At the beginning of S3, Blaine transferred to McKinley to be with Kurt, and when he visited to do shameless self-promotion (no seriously. Like, I get that he loves his old friends, but... it's a 1.5 hour drive from Westerville to Lima. Like, seriously. No, brah. No. don't do that.) he walked in on rehearsal and Nick was singing and Uptown Girl was one of the best performances of the entire third season.
The only reason that was a thing was to introduce Sebastian, who was an issue for Klaine (though why he went for Blaine I'm still not sure. Like. look at chris colfer you guys. he's so prettyyyyy.).
Except that at the end of Michael they were all mad at him.
even jon/derek and they were totally together
whoops what?
So. I hope that we get a little bit more interesting stuff with next season.
Oh. And, because Chris's contract hasn't changed, he'll still be around... but that doesn't mean he'll be in Lima. And Darren has another year as Blaine, but he might transfer back to Dalton. I say MIGHT because New Directions needs a new male lead, but Blaine was always happier at Dalton. He was the first soloist. I want to see more of that environment, and if the Warblers are back, it might mean that he's a main character the way that Rachel or Kurt was.
Right. Me, always the optimist.

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