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Friday, August 17, 2012

You know you're a Lake girl when...

You tell people that your skin is so soft because of the lake.
You don't want to sleep inside because you can't hear the waves.
You lie on the dock for hours, watching the stars.
You tip the sailboat (or canoe, or kayak, or paddleboard) and you laugh.
You take control of getting the powerboat ready to go when everyone else wants to go, but is still sitting inside.
Your best days are the ones when you sit on the dock all day.
If your hair isn't wet, something is wrong; you're probably sick.
You go swimming even if you're sick.
You beat the Itch like a boss.
You realize you have tan lines, worry about skin cancer, and forget to reapply sunscreen after swimming.
You never want to leave.

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