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Sunday, September 9, 2012

School started.

Did I mention that? i don't have adventures when school's in sesh. not even on weekends. today I sat around and finished The House of the Scorpion (which is REALLY good, thanks to Jenna for letting me borrow her copy) and then beat my high score on Temple run about eight times (2,818 meters. or thereabouts.) and then went to Sami's, where I watched like two and a half episodes of Psych and made ridiculously dirty jokes in front of a fifth grader (oops) and that's not really adventures. at least not stuff like tipping the sailboat and traveling all day and shopping and
and september-may is boriiiiing. grr. but I'll try to keep this up. I like blogging. It's fun :)
Probably once I get my EGP started I'll post about that.
EGPs are Eighth Grade Projects, or basically culminating projects at my middle school. So far I want to either build a victorian-style dollhouse with my pseudo-uncle or learn a programming language.
Also I need a spanish name. I kind of want to be La Reina, because 'the queen', or La Reina De La Princesa De Esperanza (The queen of the princess of Hope, AKA Grant's queen), just for comic relief, but the acrostic would be hell. So I'm not gonna go there.
Nope nope nope. La Reina would be doable though. And Reina was a kind of awesome character (from The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan, #2 in The Lost Hero series or whatever it's called).
I might go with that. or just Rosa, which can either mean Rose (I think) or pink. I'll have to look it up. I wonder if there's a translation for something like Loki? Maybe I could be La Diosa De La Travesura (I almost wrote diosa as dea because dea is the latin word for goddess and the only other word I know for it. also Deo and Dea make more sense to me. On another note, I'm trying to teach myself Italian with an app. it's not going very well. The word for fly (insect) is Mosca. Zebra is Zebra. Lots of cognates). Nope, that's too long for the acrostic.
Anyway. 8th grade, so I don't have to decide until a week from Wednesday. Oh, also I'll write about Camp Colman, when we get there. :)

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  1. Emily. Last year I was cielo de las frambuesas. 20 letters. Those names are NOT too long for the acrostic. Especially if you want extra credit.