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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warning: there is a travesty in this post.

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, and I'm sorry. But yesterday I didn't get to my computer until about eleven thirty because I was in... PORTLAND!
Aaaand. I didn't go to Powell's. *cringes*
I'm sorry but it was eleven by the time we got home anyway and I wouldn't have new Toms if I had. *sniffs haughtily*
So yeah. Shopping, but no Powells. We went to an Army Surplus store (where I did NOT get a gasmask, sadface) where I got my new schoolbag, which is pretty cool :) All of my nice gear this year is apparently black. My portfolio, my bag... IDK.
So Army surplus, which was cool, considering I'd never been to one before, and then Anthropologie. Ohmygod, I adore Anthro. It's beautiful and wonderful and really freaking expensive. And there was this dress.  I can't find it online, else I would link it, but it was gorgeous. It was like, jersey lined and then blue polka dot mesh and a little above knee length and super pretty. And about $60 above my Anthro budget, but what can you do? I didn't get it, but I have a really cute bi-color, long-sleeve top that I'll probably wear all the time this year :D
So after Anthropologie we went and found this little consignment store that actually has a bunch of locations ALL over the US, but still. It's called the Buffalo Exchange and I got a TON of stuff there. My favorite is a green shirt with gold foil sunglasses and, in athletic lettering, the word 'LEGIT'. And then we went to Nordstroms and I got Toms! They're SUPER comfortable and they're these ones. THEY'RE SO COMFY. I LOVE THEM. 
The final stop before coming home was Voodoo Doughnuts. Which I didn't go into, sadface, because they were cooking bacon. The smell of it makes me sick. But I got an old fashioned and it was delicious. So. :)


  1. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! You didn't go to Powell's!!????!! That is like a MAJOR crime. Now you must atone for neglect of the LARGEST USED BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD!!! (apparently.)

    But don't worry, I'm all the way in Moscow. Not going to come get you. But I'm from Portland originally...and Powells...well. 'nuff said. ;)

  2. I know. I'll spend extra time there next time I'm in Portland, but school's about to start and I didn't really have any books I wanted the other day and and and... Yeah.

  3. I WAS IN OREGON TOO! Cannon Beach though. With Anna. Those were 2 crazy days. As far as Powells, though, I agree, shame on you. And AREN'T TOMS COMFORTABLE?! They are sooo amazing. Just a warning though, they wear out really fast. Also, 3 DAYS!!!

  4. @Rachel: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW BUT WE'RE STILL GETTING SHELVES INTO MY ROOM (LIKE REALLY WAAAY MORE SHELF SPACE IT'LL BE AWESOME, LIKE MY DESK. I HAVE A NEW DESK. DID I MENTION WE'RE REARRANGING MY ROOM?) AND THERE WEREN'T ANY BOOKS I NEEEEDED (okay actually there are two but I've already read them so shut up) and also I got corduroy Toms, so I think they might last a little longer. Stronger fabric and all. SO AWESOME.