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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I started a new journal.

It's for poetry. I might transcribe stuff onto my writing blog.
But it's mostly really, really personal poetry that I think might embarrass or offend people. So far, at least. If it becomes more neutral, then I'm more likely to post it.
Writing poetry is kind of (incredibly) therapeutic to me. I'm not very confident in my skills in visual art, i.e. drawing, painting, etc., so I write a lot, and I always feel like I can express myself better that way. Sometimes, if I just use color, I can express myself visually, but it's easier for me to write because I feel like I can go back on it and change it and that's something I love being able to do. Even this post, as I'm writing it, I'm sure I'll look back later and want to change it somehow. But the point is, I like to write. A lot of people I know don't understand that. But I like to write, and I've been told I'm good, and it makes me feel better.
That is all.

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