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Friday, November 9, 2012

I never realized this before.

People have feelings that accompany seeing them for everyone. It may be happiness of hatred or confusion, but there's always something. For me, though, I see them as colors. My friends are a Kelly green, a bright purple, pinky-magenta, and ice blue. I know who all of those colors relate to in my mind, and no one else does. I see emotions and people and memories as colors. Is that like synesthesia, or is there another word for that?
Whatever. I see my friends as colors. And fictional characters. Stiles is dark gray, Derek is crimson. Hermione Granger was always navy blue. Jace is burnt gold. Julian is a dark purple-red. Daisy was bright white with a touch of cream around the edges and in the center, a spiral of baby pink. Jay was gold and gray and red.
Is that weird? That seems really weird to me.

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