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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Important Days

 Do any of you read XKCD? It matters not, but I it is where I found this picture and thought - well, that's not necessarily true. It lists days like Christmas,  9/11, the New Year, April Fools Day, 4th of July...
And that doesn't make sense. Now, I love Randall - the artist - but this posts kind of made me go - oh. He might not be aware of how diverse his readership may be. 
Not to mention that there will be days that are meaningful to specific people. Example: January 22nd is very important to me because it is the date of my birth. October 16th is important to me because it's the day I got my heart broken. February 29th is meaningful to me because it's an anomaly and I find it intriguing. 
Keep in mind that, if you read the blurb at the top of the picture, it has to do with books in the English Language. But still.
What days are meaningful to you? Are they the important ones from this calendar? Why are they meaningful? What significance do they hold?

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  1. August 18 - birth. August 25- bat mitzvah. November 27- black belt test (although that might just be me living in the moment). May 12- like EVERYONE has their birthday that day. Seriously. November 4 - first presidential election I remember. November 13 - see if you can figure it out.