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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drama (there is nothing good about it)

(reposting because the formatting was kinda fucked up on the last one, but now I know how to fix it)
I don't want more drama. Right now, there's someone I like, and I want to tell him, but I know what happened last time I did that and it was the worst.
There's boys and there's girls and people say we're like different species but really, we all think the same way at our age. When can I possibly get homework done when I have so many friendships and enemies to maintain? and he's dating her but she likes him but he likes her and then there's her and him and they like each other but neither of them knows and how can I fix this with you, I know I screwed up and I'm sorry and what can I do to get his/her attention?
And I am tired of this. My grade has thirty-eight students. Think about that. At any public school, there'll be at least three times that in one grade. We're lucky that we only have this many peers to deal with, but unlucky that we all know each other so well that when a couple breaks up, we all have to take sides.
What if someone can't decide? It shouldn't be an issue, and I don't want it to be.
And yet. It happens, and it happens, and it will continue to happen until we all have our heads out of our asses instead of just a select few of us.

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