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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I've never remembered my dreams. When I was little, my mom would ask me about them and i would make things up. More recently, though, I remember snippets of them, and most of my dreams don't run like the ones I've heard about from my friends. They run like stories. Example: I'm at the dojo where my group trains, which is inside of a complex with a common area, a performance area, living spaces, a mess hall, a shrine to the deities we worship (the Greek gods, I believe), and I'm sparring. I know that I have a special role here. I'm a chosen fighter and trainee or something. 'The chosen one' type of person who many look up to, thought also know that I'm relatively new to the environment. My sparring partner is Sami, and I beat her easily. We head back to our dorm together, and I have a message waiting for me saying that I am supposed to be the chosen one for a group who are my enemies - those who worship the Roman gods instead of the Greek. I have to go out of the compound to meet the people from the Roman camp, and I do, and when I get to the coffee shop we're meeting at, I realize that I know one of the boys who is with the Romans - and I have a crush on him. I have for years. (This is, in fact, a specific person, but I won't say who. It's not A.) I get my coffee and then I approach the Romans. They welcome me, but are very wary of my two companions... Who are Sami and Alina. They give me their reasoning for why I should join them, and I tell them I'll think about it. As we're leaving, I pull the one boy to the side and tell him how I feel. He pushes me away, goes back to his companions, and they leave without a backward glance. When I get back to my dorm, another message has arrived, saying that they take back their request and that they will be waging war on our compound. Sami and I run. We go to a Greek safe house, and are welcomed by the people there, although it is a bit crowded, and when I tell them my story, they are afraid of me because they seem to think I'll turn on them. When I explain what happened, though, they accept me and I get to know them better.
Yeah. I don't know what my subconscious is doing a lot of the time, but my point is, I don't remember a lot of my dreams. And when I do, they follow a more sensual, chronological storyline than many of the ones I've heard about.

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  1. That is a really cool dream! You're right, my dreams are never that structured. Maybe it show that your brain has some intrinsic sense of organization that I lack.