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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Numbers (One of two personal observation posts for tonight)

So I like numbers. They're (relatively) straightforward. In general, I really like math. Like, graphing? I love graphing. Multi-variable equations are like my best friends. But there are some numbers that I really, really don't like. Two is good, three is good, but I hate four and five. Same with one. It annoys me. I feel like there are personalities for numbers, at least ones that I have, and four is snobbish about being the smallest perfect square. Five is a pretentious asshole, for no particular reason. Six is rude and will never stop talking. I like seven and eight - eight is good. Eight is particularly kind. Most cubes are. Nine is alright, but it's only just tolerable. Like, it's been mean in the past and I'm walking on eggshells around it. And then there's zero. Zero is my absolute favorite number. If it's alone, it means nothing, and it doesn't have an opposite. I feel almost like it's a representation of myself - it is nothing, but it's incredibly important, and it's unique. When it is in between numbers, it is separating things and telling you how many. When it's on the end, it means that the number is a multiple of two and five. It's even, no matter what. It's a multiple of ten, no matter what. I also really like ten. It's simple to me.
But my favorite number is by far twenty-seven. I don't know why. I think it's because - well, it's a cube, it's three cubed, and two and seven are my third and second favorite digits, respectively. I watched a video on favorite numbers recently, and no one really knows why people are drawn to specific numbers. But for one of the vloggers interviewed, he said numbers have a sharpness. the two sharpest in zero to nine for him were three and seven, and that twenty-one was his favorite number because of that.
But yes. I like zero and two and seven and I don't really like any of the other digits that much. And twenty-seven speaks to me.

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