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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So I'm really tired.
But I don't have a page of notes yet.
Also I'm bored.
I'm going to blog about it XD
I feel incredibly clever for this.
Also, Sami replied to my chats like. twice.
but at least she's reading Dalton and probably getting obsessed, right?

Mayans, Politics, and Everything (is so screwed up).

So I have this History project that I'm doing with Hope.
I know that we work well together and this is absolutely not about her. ILY, darling.
But it's not interesting.
I love the Mayan civilization, it's fascinating.
I'm studying the political structure.
I didn't know it would be this dry. Of course, it's not helping that I'm using Wikipedia, but still.
Just from this I remember how. much. i. hate. politics. and then that reminds me of everything going on in US politics and just kill me now.
Am I getting more aware, or is our country just falling apart? I know that the Mayan calendar doesn't actually technically end, but maybe we have, like, a political apocalypse coming? It would make sense.
I'm not really that biased. I still don't understand a lot of our country's political system, I think, but right now I know it's bad and I want to have nothing to do with it.
So it's... difficult to get through the Maya without relating it to today. Or was that the point of the assignment?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Come One, Come All.

If I know you and you're like part of my circle of friends I thing you know what my URL means.
This is different than tumblr.
kind of strange?
I can hear the wind whistling outside my bedroom window, but at least I have power and internet.
This is not a tumblr.
So anyway. I'll post about my life and crap.
also poetry.
also maybe like flails. but that's mostly for tumblr. so.
Yeah. Welcome. enjoy your stay. I love you. Be strong. Be yourself. Be Happy.