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Saturday, May 18, 2013

on another note.

i have like nine other tabs open and they're titled with stuff like 'doctor who sexism' and 'Doctor Who and The Bechdel Test' which, okay, the Bechdel test isn't always going to be an accurate portrayal of whether or not something is sexist, but point is
it will probably devolve into like, sexism and feminist awareness in nerd culture and fandom and whatnot but still i'm starting where I wanted to and. yes. yes i'm excited.
and i'm sitting here watching the end of s3 and agh i don't think any of these three episodes passed the Bechdel test but not always accurate because ugh there are like four or five different really strong female characters but the PRIMARY character is still a dude and basically, Twelve or Thirteen should be a timelady and Moffat should go die in a hole and RTD should come back because Moffat's Who is nowhere near as good.
ugh i have a lot of things to say about this and this is not the place to say them.

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