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Thursday, August 29, 2013

50 Things To Do When Your Sibling Has Friends Over

1. Do those chores you've been meaning to do. 
2. Wrangle your pets so they aren't bothering them. 
3. Catch up on shitty cop procedurals on Netflix. 
4. Watch a feel-good movie. 
5. Read something you've wanted read to for a while. 
6. Shop online. 
7. Bake cookies/brownies/triple chocolate layer cake. If you like the friends, offer them some. 
8. Play music and do a deep-clean of your room. 
9. Sit quietly in another part of the house and reevaluate all of your life choices. Ever.
10. Learn how to fold origami. 
11. Weed out your wardrobe. Donate things to thrift stores. 
12. Go for a walk. Enjoy your alone time. 
13. Meditate. Loudly. Lots of ohmmms and relaxing music. 
14. Choreograph hip-hop routines in the room directly above them.
15. Pretend you're a secret agent. Get a tape recorder and hide behind the couch. 
16. Put on a costume, then join their conversation. 
17. Hack into online databases. (Don't actually do this one; it's illegal. Depending on the database, it's VERY illegal.)
18. Write an angry letter and burn it. Then, burn the ashes. 
19. Write an essay about something you love and submit it to a magazine. 
20. Write to the editor of your local paper. 
21. Write to your senator. 
22. Hell, you could write to the president. 
23. Read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. 
24. Or the Oxford English Dictionary. 
25. Learn what words like 'fiduciary' mean. 
26. Make up a story about a past life: were you a flapper in the roaring twenties? A flower child in the seventies?
27. Read and memorize old poems. 
28. Make a bucket list. 
29. Make a list of all the places you've been. 
30. Then make one of all the places you want to go. 
31. Browse Wikipedia. 
32. Or creepypasta, if you're into that. 
33. Make a five course meal. 
34. Research deep-sea ocean life. 
35. Or why some people have allergic reactions. 
36. Sew a dress. 
37. Or repurpose a pair of jeans into a purse. 
38. Plant a garden. 
39. Learn about your favorite author's early life.
40. Learn about a war you don't know much about. 
41. Try to understand a mathematic theory or conjecture. 
42. Call a friend. 
43. Think up names for your potential future children. 
44. Write an ode to a celebrity. 
45. Write a dramatic eulogy for yourself. 
46. Play chess with yourself. 
47. Read about natural toxins. 
48. Read about brain chemistry. 
49. Find out what your headache is a symptom of on webmd. 
50. Write the great American novel. 

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