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Friday, April 12, 2013

Know What's Not Fun?

Backsliding after it had been going so well:
five thirty to
to three
to five thirty again.
when you thought you were getting better/
when you're told to just stay it through when you want to sleep forever.
it's not fun to look at people and think, they've been up all day,
like i should have been.
it's not fun to be scolded by society for having issues.
it's not fun to be scolded by ANYONE for having issues.
why don't people get that?

Sunday, April 7, 2013


So i was looking at my blog stats for this particular blog and ohmygod, who is using Internet Explorer?
You are number two on the list of browsers that my blog is visited from. HAVE I NOT TAUGHT YOU BETTER, GRASSHOPPERS?
Perhaps I've never mentioned this before.
So. Here, have lists of the best browsers to use for
1. Chrome. Of course. It's fast, it's safe, and is compatible with Missing E and Adblock. Not to mention that it looks fantastic. What more could you want? And - hey, this is a good reason to download it (for free!!) - I  use it!
2. Firefox. I used to use it, but then it started freezing up on me when I had more than two tabs open. That just didn't work. I no longer have that problem, and it's still on my laptop, but I prefer Chrome. Overall, it's safe, fast, compatible with missing e and adblock, and only slightly less aesthetically pleasing than Chrome. (I also have an Avengers theme installed on Chrome so I'm biased but whatever.)
3. Internet Explorer. Ewh. While Microsoft is slowly (emphasis on SLOWLY) making it more tolerable, it's still the best browser for downloading other browsers. It's slow, relatively susceptible to virus, and has no addons available whatsoever. No AdBlock. no Missing E. It's just. Please don't.
for Macs:
1. Safari. I love the way Safari works. It doesn't, however, work on Windows, and I only have a PC, so. But it's really fast, it's safe, it has an addon store so Missing E and AdBlock and all sorts of things work. It's awesome.
2. Chrome. Same reasons as I love it for Windows.
3. Firefox. Same reasons as I like it for windows.
now I also know that some people use Opera, which I think is maybe Amazon or Android's browser, and while I haven't had much experience with it, I like it. I like it very much. as for the ones I don't know, idc. as long as it isn't IE.
So. Yes. Browsers and things. Add-ons and themes are good things to have for people who live online. :)


No, I didn't get a new one. Pffshh. I wish.
Actually, I just rediscovered the joys of it. A REAL LIVE KEYBOARD. (don't worry it's not actually alive) BEING ABLE TO TYPE LIKE SEVENTY WPM WITHOUT A SPELLING MISTAKE EVERY OTHER LETTER.
being able to view videos that arent available for mobile platforms i mean DAMN
but yes i am sitting on my bed with merlin and listening to the Avengers OST and writing Teen Wolf fanfiction (which will probably be discarded because i can't write twff to save my life i just my characterization is total shit) and THE AVENGERS OST.
also on James Horner and Alan Silvestri (I CANNOT BEGIN TO EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR ALAN SILVESTRI SCORES OHMYGOD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW) and Howard Shore (Howard Shore you guyS I MEAN SIX SOUNDTRACKS (two still in the works) FOR THE WORKS OF TOLKIEN AND EACH ONE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE LAST HOLY SHIT MAN) and John Williams and Alexandre Desplat and Hans Zimmer (HANS ZIMMER YOU GUYS HE COMPOSED FOR INCEPTION AND THE LION KING AND THE DARK KNIGHT AND GLADIATOR I FUCKING LOVE HANS ZIMMER) and James Horner again for Titanic (but not Patrick Doyle or at least not for hp because IDK it's probably just me but his OSTs weren't as good as Williams' or Desplat's but then again they had better books to compose for i guess? i could include him for Thor but no) and oh god, Alan Menken (DUDE. ALAN MENKEN. YOU KNOW THE NAME. YOU KNOW YOU DO. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. THE LITTLE MERMAID. NEWSIES. ALADDIN. POCAHONTAS. THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. HERCULES. ENCHANTED. TANGLED. YOU KNOW, THAT DISNEY GUY.), and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, MISTER TIM BURTON COLLABORATOR, Danny Elfman (i knew who he was but i didn't if you get that until like just now like Danny Elfman is fucking amazing ohmygod): THEY ARE ALL ANGELS SENT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE TO DELIVER US THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SCORES TO EVER HAVE BEEN IN A MOVIE EVER.
(yes so i like composers heh i have rants also david tattersall is good he's a cinematographer and talk about an eye for it i mean damn but the things i've seen that he's done i mean i mean i mean just LOOK AT 'EM. PRETTYY.)