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I'm Rose, I'm fourteen except when I lie and say I'm fifteen, I'm a freshman, I live in Washington, and I have debilitating anxiety and sometimes depression and also probably OCD and Synesthesia.
Yeahhhhh i have an ever-growing plethora of issues that I think might just come from living in today's society.
anyway, that's mostly what i whine about here. and sometimes my dumb crushes or how mad i am at people or sometimes i post when im in a good mood and then i look back and think about how weird it was that i was happy.
i dont really know what im doing, so bear with me, k?
also this is my face:
yeah i like good music and tea and books and television and things. uh. not much else to say here? i like teen wolf a lot. that's kinda my thing right now. i don't knowwwww. have fun listening to me cry at you about my epic pain.

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